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Wild vegetables and horta hunting as a way of life


How easy is it to get hooked on ground elder quiche or dandelion omelette! How your body can just crave for a wild green smoothie, dandelion salad, nettle pesto or stew. How the perky dark violet spires of the rosebay willowherb, or wild asparagus, provoke the same kind of reaction in horta hunters as summer’s first strawberries or new potatoes in most of us.


We devoted horta hunters aim to help ordinary people to bring edible wild plants into their daily lives. We teach how to find, recognise, pick and preserve wild greens easily, and how exciting it is to use them in cooking.


Nature is a source of delicacies and well-being for us horta hunters. Nature takes care of us, pampers and nourishes. Horta hunting is a way of life. Horta is such delicious, therapeutic food that it will heal your wounds and improve your health. Horta hunters understand that nature nurtures us holistically and restoratively.


Finland is very generous to nature loving visitors or immigrants: you are all invited together with the locals to pick horta, even on private lands, if it does not disturb houses. The environment is incredibly pure, the day is amazingly long (it can be sunny 3 a.m. in June) and the terrain is easy for hiking – and so beautiful that it is half the enjoyment when picking wild greens.


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We organize tailor made courses for companies, language schools etc.

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Horta Hunter’s Handbook – Well-being and Delicacies from Edible Wild Plants (kirja)

Horta Hunter's handbook

Well-being and delicacies from edible wild plants! The book reveals the secrets of horta hunting, or wild green foraging, and gives tips on how to recognice, pick and preserve wild plants. It also includes recipes and inspiration for enriching everyday meals, wether you are an ordinary omnivore, vegetarian, low-carber or rawie.


If you are interested in Finnish or Scandinavian wild plants as delicacies and natural superfoods, this book will be your fateful friend for decades. In this book, the authors, devoted horta hunters open their way of life in the paradise for wild food, Finland.

From the authors of Horta Hunter’s Handbook


”This book focuses on guiding your horta hunting adventure and helping you find your own path into feasting on wild plants. From these plants and practices, all horta enthusiasts can adopt those elements they find most suitable for their own lives.


The plant introductions in this book focus on quality over quantity. We have chosen tasty plants that inspire us. In our opinion, it is a nicer way to get to know the diverse world of wild greens than just scratching the surface by introducing many plants. We think that a low threshold for starting is the very essence of horta hunting.


Although edible wild plants are trending in Michelin restaurants from New York to Copenhagen, the recipes introduced in this book only require techniques mastered by home cooks and the kind of ingredients that can be found in local shops and markets or online.


We encourage everyone to be creative and open-minded when experimenting in the kitchen. It is inspiring to develop recipes and look for flavour harmonies. It gives us great pleasure to ponder how horta could be added into dishes that do not traditionally include wild greens, and thus maximise their flavour and health potential.”